Message from the founder, Dr. Brad Lundahl


Counseling can be intimidating! Going to counseling might generate anxiety because we are not sure what will happen or because we know that we will need to confront some rather sensitive material. Further, we may doubt whether counseling will even help. Below are some ideas on getting the most out of counseling. The good news is research clearly shows that counseling does help!

How does counseling help? Well, research shows that one of the best predictors of success is the “Therapeutic Alliance” which is made up of three key elements:

  1.  Agreed upon goals
  2. Agreed upon methods for reaching the goals
  3. Bond or trusting relationship between the customer and the healthcare provider

Thus, when you go to a counselor you will want to consider if these three elements are in place within a session or two. If not, we recommend you discuss your goals and how the counselor intends to help you realize your goals. If the plan does not seem credible, it is probably time to seek for a new counselor.

At Compass Counseling and Consulting, we strive to provide high-quality services that are based on solid research. We partner with you to identify credible plans to help you move forward in a sensitive, caring manner. Further, we are committed to professionalism.

If you would like to discuss counseling further, please feel free to call me directly at (801) 635 4141.


Brad Lundahl, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker